About Lori

"It is impossible to look at the body as simply a physical shell.  Acknowledge the mind and emotions.  Tend to the Spirit.  Then we can create the life of our dreams."


Lori has been a Massage Therapist and Bodywork practitioner since 1994.  Her years of experience have allowed her to experience many types of people and personalities with a variety of abilities and disabilities. As an empath, she has been able to hone her skills of discovery which help her in determining underlying complaints.


Education has been a lifelong pursuit and she holds a B.A in Sociology from Arizona State University along with a multitude of other educational experience including Teaching, Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Yoga, Massage Therapy and Nursing.
Lori has also been a teacher and speaker at various points in her life.


Lori is a Certified Yoga instructor, A licensed Massage Therapist, A Life Coach, and a Health Coach.  She has incorporated her life coaching and health coaching education and experience to call herself a Wellness Advocate.





Tel: 828-337-5795

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